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« Psychomotricity is the study of the human being from an integrated perspective. It considers the individual’s development through the interdependence of emotion, movement, cognition and relationship.

Psychomotricity is both a developmental and therapeutic practice, working on emotional, relational, behavioural and motor challenges. It is characterized by working with the potential of the individual. » ( U.S. Psychomotricity forum)


All ages can benefit from psychomotricity in it’s different ways by adapting the proposes to the peoples request and need. 


Some examples what psychomotricity can be beneficial for depending on age range:

  • Kids: dysgraphia, dyspraxia, space-time organization, motor disorders in global and fine motor skills, attention disorders or also in communication and relationship disorders.

  • Teenagers: disorder of body image and body pattern, relationship disorders of the behaviour.

  • Adults & Elderly:  psychosomatic troubles, relational difficulties , anxiety, memory loss, motoric or emotional instability.

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