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Who I Am and What I Do

My journey

My name is Nora Nouche Hoffmann, born and raised in Luxembourg but my soul belongs to many places.


In a few words, I am a therapist in psychomotricity and a massage practitioner for well-being. Additionally, I am a professional dancer, dance teacher and specialized in free movement workshops. 


As a young woman and passionate dancer my interest were dancing, moving but also psychology and how we function as human beings.


I graduated in 2015 from Leonardo da Vinci's High School in Brussel as psychometrician therapist. Some of the key areas in my studies were movement analysis, the human development from infant to adult and practical courses containing meditation, relaxation and movement therapy techniques.

Throughout my life, I often travelled (Africa, South America, Europe), which allowed me to discover different cultures, their approach to movement and body and its importance within a society and a person’s well-being statement.

After working as a psychometrician therapist in Luxembourg, I left to Berlin in 2018 to do a nine-month dance programme. During that phase I participated in a class, called "fluent body", led by F. Lamarca, who inspired me as both a dancer and a therapist and again brought me closer to the benefits of
movement and the connection to ourselves. This was all with the aim to offer people a moment of peace and a space to reconnect to body and soul.


As a dancer, my body often needed massages and rest. This helped me to lower stress, give my body the energy it needed, revitalise and focus. My interest grew stronger, and I deepened my knowledge in massage and relaxation methods and it brought me to follow massage courses based on the ayurvedic method and a course in Sophrology (currently).

I see it as a chance to found two passions - therapeutic work and dancing - that can simultaneously be practiced, developed and enrich each other. Enrich also people’s life by adapting the service to their needs, physical or emotional, offering a welcoming and warmhearted space and hereby opening doors for transformations and growth.


So let’s move, relax, talk, jump,...


Let me know what you need & feel free to contact me!

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