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My massages are tailored to the individual needs of each client and focus on either reducing stress or increasing energy.

In general, massage helps relieve stress and muscle tension, balance your emotional state, improve blood circulation to aid in muscle recovery, and assist in the elimination of toxins from your body and provide body awareness.


I use my techniques (Ayurvedic* or Balian*), but I also listen to the person's body – it's like a conversation. My clients inspire me, and the massage becomes a blend of their cues and what I know, creating a unique experience that evolves over the course of the treatment. In my opinion, this allows my clients to get what they need from massage. Energy or serenity and emotional balance. Well-being, “the state of feeling healthy and happy” (Cambridge dictionary) is exactly what you get during the massage. Your body and mind are in harmony. Find a moment of listening, relaxation and the opportunity to refocus and rejuvenate. The massage causes the release of “happiness hormones'.


Ayurvedic massage has its roots in India and invites the body to heal itself and establish balance between body, mind and spirit by massaging it with hot organic oil. As the oil penetrates the body using gentle massage techniques, it helps the body to detoxify and properly relax.

In Ayurveda – the science of life – a person's health is based on their dosha = a balance of the five elements of the world known as fire, water, earth, space and air. The three doshas: VATA (air and space); PITTA (fire and water); KAPHA (earth and water). Each person has a dominant dosha based on physical, emotional, mental and behavioral characteristics.

The focus is on balancing the energy centers (chakras) by promoting the elimination of toxins and getting the energy flowing in our bodies.

RELAXATION is a combination of techniques.


Fleur blanche


  • Increases blood circulation, recovery procedure,

  • Releases muscles tightness, stiffness, tension

  • Detoxification

  • Supports the immune system

  • Improves skin tone

fleur jaune


  • Reduces stress, depression, anxiety

  • Feeling of relaxation

  • Feeling of happiness, Serenity (the pleasure sensation and hormones (Ex: dopamine, serotonin) linked to happiness are stimulated)

  • Increases energy and vitality

  • Body awareness & connects body and mind



60 minutes - 90 €

90 minutes - 120 €

120 minutes - 150 €


4 massages (1 hour each) for 320 €

(you save 40 €).






Full body and/or only specific areas of your body

(e.g. upper body (head & shoulders/ head&back/l ower body (legs&feet)

Each massage is based on individual requirements and needs.

In case of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour, I take the liberty to stop the treatment and it will be reported to the police! This is a clean room for treatment!

Spa de luxe

practical information

  • If you have any injuries, please consult your doctor before booking any treatment. I do not take any responsibility for injuries.

  • If you have allergies, please inform me in advance. I have two cats in the house, but they never come into the massage room.

  • The massage takes place in a private house, so I ask you to respect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

  • During the massage you will be in your underwear.

  • The oil I use is sesame oil (usually warmed, but if you prefer something else, please specify in your booking email).

  • Since I use oil, you may have some residue on your skin after the massage. Please make sure you have spare clothes that the oil cannot get on, or you can use the towel provided to wipe it off.

  • After the massage I recommend you to rest (avoid physical activities, alcohol or anything that could cause stress).

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