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Teaching Dance is not just about mastering skills;

it's also about cultivating the right mindset.


I started teaching over 15 years ago, having been a student myself for many years with a lifelong commitment to learning. Throughout my career I have gained knowledge in different countries and “dance industries''. With my know-how in somatic therapy, I regularly teach dance classes and workshops for all ages and levels (CV) in my hometown (Lux) or abroad; either to discover dance in an artistic way or to improve well-being and free movement exploration, which I call “Bodysoulflow”. 

Involved in social & educational projects like “TOTO”, a project created by the Luxembourgish foundation “Up Foundation '' for children while Covid, I taught for the organization Kopplabunz for ” Femmes en détresse'' organized by LUCODA, and have been teaching adults with mental and physical disabilities . 


As a passionate dance teacher, I take pride in sharing my knowledge and witnessing the growth and potential of others through workshops and classes. Creating a safe and enjoyable environment where participants not only learn but also embrace challenges and find joy in their efforts is essential to maintain student motivation and foster ultimate growth. Each individual should leave the class with a sense of accomplishment. The dance industry can be physically and mentally demanding, so my goal as an experienced teacher, dancer, and movement coach is to cater to my students' needs through diverse approaches.

Nora Nousche Hoffman est assise de profil et regarde l'objectif.

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Hip Hop, Movement exploration, Body awareness, Confidence through movement, creative process...

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