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As a movement artist, I perform, I choreograph and direct. I work in dance productions, theater, and videos of multiple different dance art forms.

I specialize in immersing myself into the given "universe" and bringing art to life through versatility and artistic vision. Whether you need a captivating dance performance, innovative choreography or creative direction for your artistic projects, I am well versed to bring the vision to life.

my art

Portrait de troit-quart face de Norah Nousche, qui regarde l'objectif en souriant, la main sous le menton.
Norah Nousche est assise de côté, les jambes croisées, et nous regarde de face.


My dance journey began at a young age in Luxembourg at Helen’s Dance with ballet, jazz, contemporary and african dance. Due to my curiosity in different cultures, and the love for all music genres, I broadened my knowledge over the years through open classes and workshops around the world (BEL, LA, NY, COL, ENG, FR, etc). My main style is Street Dance (Hip Hop, House, Commercial) but I’m also trained in contemporary dance, afro dance, heels and salsa.

2015 I lived in Colombia for 9 months where I trained and performed salsa. In 2018 I moved to Berlin for 9 months to do intensive dance training and in 2020 I joined an award winning Hip Hop theater Company named BirdGang Ltd in London to continue my training. Since 2020 I have been an active member of LUCODA (Luxembourg Collective of Dance ASBL).
In 2023 I completed a 2 months intensive dance program with Copenhagendancespace and continued my training with Birdgang LTD. I am an active member of the “asbl KNOWEDGE”, an asbl representing the Hip Hop culture in Luxembourg.

My strength as an artist lies in my versatility and interest in all kinds of music genres and cultures, which is reflected both in my work as a dancer and choreographer.
I pride myself on being active in both sides of dance; the artistic productions in theater, cultural institutes and film. These are predominantly based addressing socially relevant themes (ex: women’s right: Ref MANA video). The other side being commercial work, such as live performances, concerts, music videos and advertisements where entertainment is the primary focus.

I listen to my clients request and bring it to life. To mention a few of my credits, I performed in the project « Blancontact »; a project integrating adults with a disease and choreographed by A. Pütz, Th. Raymond and G.Zazzera in 2018. I performed in the piece "Creating Possibilities" led by choreographer E. Georgitsopoulou in Berlin in 2019 or and performed at the Cirque Royal in Bruxelles in 2022. I was one of the principal dancers in TURBULENCE, the first Luxembourgish hip hop piece performed in “Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg” choreographed by Cl. Urhausen and D.Santos. I danced for LUCODA projects, led and choreographed ODYSSEY alongside S. Softic. My last projects was “Fashion Victims”, a live dance performance in collaboration with the compagne "Rethink your clothes" and Fairtrade for the “Ministère des affaires étrangères” or FLUENCY, an art production combining dance, installation and drawing.
I performed for singers in concerts and music videos such as Papa Roach (USA), Isac Elliot (FI), Edsun (LU)& Alfalfa (LU, Magnus & John (LU), or Them Lights (LU). As a choreographer I worked on the duo "Alfalfa", and as an assistant, alongside the choreographer K. Horsburgh, for the English singer "Starling" music’s video production.
My original work is MANA, a dance video for the international women's day that I did in collaboration with Cl. Urhausen.

Both spheres captivate me differently as their methods, atmospheres, and frameworks vary. Both aim to unite people, encourage social engagement, and impact audiences. An exchange occurs, fostering communication through the audience's gaze, presence, and ensuing discussions. I let myself be inspired by nature, by architecture, material such as fabric and love combining art forms (video, photography, drawing,..)

If you need a dancer, choreographer, concept creator, art director or model  (for your brand/advertisement video), I have the tools and experience to help you. Contact me for any enquiries and I would be happy to help. Look forward to working with you!


MASEGO -SAY YOU WANT ME : CHOREO by Yasmin and Norah Noush
ALFALFA - Off and On and Over it (Official Music Video)