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Portrait de Norah Nousche Hoffman, en couleur.

It’s all about your mental and physical well-being and you choose the approach that fits you best.


I am here to offer you guidance and tools to resource and connect with yourself.

The way we do this is up to you and your needs, whether you prefer receiving a massage, engaging in guided movement (1:1 or group), or accessing online guidance/coaching with integrating simple tools for your daily life. Each approach can assist you with what you are looking for.



This Class is for you if you feel disconnected to your body, lost in life, feel like your energy got stuck or you keep carrying heavy emotions with you which you want to get rid of.

If you feel depressed, feel like you are stuck in one place.

If you like moving, sharing a moment with other souls, connect to your playfulness and awaken hidden ressources and strength. 

My massages are tailored to the individual needs of each client and focus on either reducing stress or increasing energy.

In general, massage helps relieve stress and muscle tension, balance your emotional state, improve blood circulation to aid in muscle recovery, and assist in the elimination of toxins from your body and provide body awareness.

These sessions are tailored to each of my clients, as we have all experienced our own unique stories and have more to discover.
Whether you're feeling down, lost on your path, unfocused, disconnected from your body, overwhelmed by fears that dictate your life, or constantly comparing yourself to others, these sessions are designed to support you on your journey.
Together we'll find tools to restore emotional balance, achieve inner peace, and work toward your personal goals


On one hand I am a psychomotricity therapist, a well- being massage practitioner, specialized in free movement workshops and sophrology. On the other hand, I am a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. (Read more in ART)

My name is Nora, born and raised in Luxembourg, but my soul belongs to many places.
I started dancing as a child, but I was always physically active and immersed in music, nature and different cultures. As a young woman, my interest in dance and movement grew and strengthened in the psychology of how we function as humans and the impact movement has on our well-being.
(After graduating high school, in 2011, I decided to go to Burkina Faso for a few months to volunteer with children in a home and see the importance of music and movement (dance) in their culture. )
In 2015, I graduated from the Leonardo da Vinci College in Brussels as a psychomotor therapist. The focus of my studies included movement analysis, human development from infant to adult, and hands-on courses with meditation, relaxation, and movement therapy techniques.

Throughout my life I have traveled a lot to different places (Africa, South America, Europe), which has allowed me to discover different cultures, their attitudes toward movement and the body, and their importance to a society and a person’s well-being.
After working as an educator in a daycare centre and later as a psychotherapist in Luxembourg at the “Centre de Jour” in child psychiatry in CHL, I moved to Berlin in 2018 to complete a nine-month dance programme for my professional career as a dancer. During this phase, I participated in a class called "fluent body" led by F. Lamarca, who inspired me both as a dancer and as a therapist, reintroducing me to the benefits of movement and reconnecting with ourselves. All this was done with the aim of offering people a moment of peace and a space to reconnect with their body and soul.
As a dancer, my body often needed massages and rest. This helped me relieve stress, give my body the energy it needed, revitalize and focus. My interest grew and I deepened my knowledge of massage and relaxation methods, which led me to take massage courses based on the Ayurvedic method and Balinais, and to take a course in Sophrology. With Sophrology I discovered new techniques such as breathing, visualization, small meaningful moves and their effects on our mental health, as they can be used anytime and anywhere.
I see it as an opportunity to find two passions - therapeutic work and dancing - that can be practiced and developed at the same time, enriching each other. People's lives can be enriched by adapting the service to their physical or emotional needs, offering a welcoming and warm space, opening doors for transformation and growth.
So let’s move, relax, talk, jump...
Let me know what you need and don't hesitate to contact me!



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